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Epic Sample Library Bundle Vol.1
€1112 worth of products DEAL EXPIRED ON Apr 23, 2018 Support charity
  • 6 products in the bundle – €1112 worth of content
  • Up to 82% off EACH product, or buy the full bundle and save €913!
  • Over 52GB+ of percussion,  sound design, choir, FX, synths and more included!
  • Perfect for trailer music, cinematic music…anything that requires something EPIC!
  • Buy each product individually at a huge discount or grab them all for mega savings
  • 10% of your purchase goes directly to charity!

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Epic Sample Library Bundle Vol.1
Epic Sound Lab
The Forge (€29)
  • 82% off (€159, now €29)
  • 3.4GB (Kontakt & WAV format)
  • Loops, Drones, Drums, Impacts, SFX, Melodic Instruments, Risers, & more
Aria Sounds
Aurora Choir (€79)
  • 80% off (€450 now €79)
  • 11GB Soprano & Alto choir
  • 4 mic positions, phrase builder, true legato & more
BRAAMS (€19)
  • 62% off (€49, now €19)
  • 820Mb - 130 WAV files 24-bit 96k
  • Kontakt & WAV format
Keep Forest
Evolution: Atlantica (€49)
  • 70% off  (€169, now €49)
  • SFX & instruments (eg. Trailer Brass, Guitars, Pulses etc.)
  • 8GB of content - Kontakt & WAV format
Impact Soundworks
Juggernaut (€42)
  • 65% off (€120, now €42)
  • 4.5GB of modern cinematic FX, synth basses & drum kits
  • Kontakt & WAV format
Apocalypse Percussion Ensemble (€65)
  • 60% off (€165 now €65)
  • Industry-leading epic percussion juggernaut.
  • 25GB, 40 drums and close to 200 articulations
10% of All Sales Go to Unicef

UNICEF works in 190 countries and territories to save children’s lives, to defend their rights, and to help them fulfil their potential. 10% of ALL sales from this bundle will go directly to Unicef.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I add/remove products from my bundle?

This seems too good to be true - is it a scam?

We understand that this seems to good to be true, but no this is not a scam. We're co-owned by VSTBuzz ( and have spent months planning this promotion with each of the companies who have a included a product in the bundle. If you still don't believe us, feel free to drop an email to any of the companies who own the products in the bundle and they'll confirm!

I already own one of the products - can I get a discount on the full bundle?

No unfortunately we cannot offer even more of a discount on the full bundle if you already own one of the products. As it stands, we're giving you up to 82% off the price of buying all of these products separately! However, you can still buy any of the products individually or buy a couple of them for an extra discount!

Will this bundle be repeated?

Nope! This is a one in a lifetime offer. We will NOT be repeating this deal ever again. Ever.

Will these products work with the free Kontakt Player?

Some of the products will and others will not. Juggernaut is Kontakt Player compatible, however the rest require the FULL version of Kontakt (most come with the standalone .WAV files too though!)